[Spambayes] Windows 2000 problem when using Review Messages

samnicholls at appintec.com samnicholls at appintec.com
Tue Jul 13 00:16:33 CEST 2004

I've been using SpamBayes version 1.0rc2 (or is it 0.6?) configured in proxy mode for a couple of weeks.  My email client is Outlook Express.  I receive a lot of email in numerous accounts, and after training it initially with about 2000 good messages and 2000 spam messages it is doing a really great job of identifying spam.  

However the following sometimes happens when I attempt to do further training.  Often, but not always, W2K stops responding normally after clicking on Review Messages. The browser launches to a white screen, but never gets to the point of displaying the normal training page.   I cannot launch new applications.  Some applications already active will respond, but will not Close.  

Ctrl-Alt-Del initially brings up its normal window, after clicking on Task Manager the normal desktop reappears, but the task manager window never appears. Subsequent ctrl-alt-del requests are ignored. 

The only clue comes after trying to shut down Zone Alarm.  After a timeout period, it displays this message: "ZoneAlarm is waiting for the TrueVector Internet Monitor to unload".  Clicking on Cancel in this dialog box is ignored, the window remains.

Eventually nothing responds except mouseover messages on the task bar, and a hard reset of the PC is necessary.  In 4 years of using W2K I have never known anything which will lock up W2K to this degree.

Help please!!

Sam Nicholls
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