[Spambayes] Feedback from an ecstatic user

Gisli Ottarsson gisli at adams.com
Wed Jul 14 15:16:37 CEST 2004

Dear SpamBayes developers:

I've been using SpamBayes for a few months now.  Thanks for giving me
my life back.

Here are my statistics, in case they might be of value:

>From the Home page:

Total emails trained: Spam: 13126 Ham: 2479
More statistics:

    SpamBayes has processed 9009 messages - 1566 (17%) good, 7131 (79%) spam and 312 (3%) unsure.
    648 messages were manually classified as good (0 were false positives).
    2835 messages were manually classified as spam (1 was a false negative).
    9 unsure messages were manually identified as good, and 147 as spam.

    (I presume the difference in numbers e.g. (13126 vs. 7131) is due to the 
     fact that I have gone through several different different versions)

Warning: you have much more spam than ham - SpamBayes works best with
approximately even numbers of ham and spam.

... which leads me to the one bit of feedback I might tive you.  Given
what the world is coming to, 50/50 spam vs. ham appears to me a
pipe-dream.  If different tuning of SpamBayes for more unfavorable
ratios is possible, perhaps this would be a good idea.  But having said
that, even with my 5:1 ratio, I am very happy.  What bliss SpamBayes'
"best" must be.

Best regards


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