[Spambayes] Problem with POP3 Proxy: Computer hangs while trying toreview messages

samnicholls at appintec.com samnicholls at appintec.com
Thu Jul 15 21:18:50 CEST 2004


I reported the same issue about a week ago, it was answered for me by Rich
Barger.  It was a conflict between SpamBayes and version 5.x of ZoneAlarm,
specifically its TrueVector service.  The Cisco VPN client may also be
involved. I've also attached the email sent to me by Rich which describes
how to do a "clean" uninstall of ZoneAlarm.

Even though you don't mention ZoneAlarm, the symptoms you report fit
exactly.  I hope this helps.

Sam Nicholls
Alameda CA

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From: Richard B Barger ABC APR
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Sent: Monday, July 12, 2004 7:11 PM
Subject: Re: [Spambayes] Windows 2000 problem when using Review Messages

You're welcome, Sam.
I hope it really >is< a solution; it was for me.

BTW, the ZoneAlarm site had a more recent version of 4.x than the one I had
been using previously, so, if yours isn't 4.5.594.000, download it directly
from ZA.  That's the number they told me to install.

Make sure you do what they term a "clean" uninstall.  In fact, I'll send you
a copy of the message ZA sent me.

My suggestion regarding the SpamBayes list:  If this fix solves your
problem, let the list know.  I know I searched for ZoneAlarm mentions and
found few, but if this is happening to you and to me, it likely is happening
to others, and the interim solution would be helpful.

Best wishes; msg to come in a moment.

Rich Barger
Kansas City


samnicholls at appintec.com wrote:

   Rich, Thanks for the solution to my problem.  Even though I quoted a
ZoneAlarm message in my question, it didn't occur to me it was the cause of
the problem.  I'll "upgrade" to their 4.x version today.  My version of ZA
is 5.0.590.043. Yes, SpamBayes really works well in separating the wheat
from the chaff, better than I would have thought possible.  I'm very
impressed. I'm new to this mailing list as of today, so I'm not sure of the
protocol, I have replied only to you, hope that's ok.  The automatic
response to my original email also led me to bug lists etc on the SpamBayes
site, so in time I'll learn the correct way to pursue issues like this.
Thanks again! Sam NichollsAlameda CA

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  From: Richard B Barger ABC APR
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12, 2004 4:32 PMSubject: Re: [Spambayes] Windows 2000 problem when using
Review Messages

  Sam, I had the same problem and worse with POP3 and Netscape mail on an XP
Pro machine.  After an excellent, helpful msg from Tim Peters ("Re:
[Spambayes] I'm running into a resource conflict; SpamBayes freezes my
system" on 30 Jun 04), I went the ZoneAlarm tech support route.

  They had me do a clean uninstall and revert to version 4.5.594.000 of
ZoneAlarm, which works seamlessly with SpamBayes.  They said they were aware
of the issue with their 5.x release and were working on it, but that it
might be the >next< release before they had it solved.

  So, for now, I simply ignore the automatic ZoneAlarm pleadings to upgrade
to the latest version.

  Tim, I had meant to send the list a follow-up after ZoneAlarm gave me the
workaround, but I failed to do so until now.

  Thank you again for the terrific help -- and for the terrific product.


  Rich Barger
  Kansas City


  samnicholls at appintec.com wrote:

    I've been using SpamBayes version 1.0rc2 (or is it 0.6?) configured in
proxy mode for a couple of weeks.  My email client is Outlook Express.  I
receive a lot of email in numerous accounts, and after training it initially
with about 2000 good messages and 2000 spam messages it is doing a really
great job of identifying spam. However the following sometimes happens when
I attempt to do further training.  Often, but not always, W2K stops
responding normally after clicking on Review Messages. The browser launches
to a white screen, but never gets to the point of displaying the normal
training page.   I cannot launch new applications.  Some applications
already active will respond, but will not Close. Ctrl-Alt-Del initially
brings up its normal window, after clicking on Task Manager the normal
desktop reappears, but the task manager window never appears. Subsequent
ctrl-alt-del requests are ignored. The only clue comes after trying to shut
down Zone Alarm.  After a timeout period, it displays this message:
"ZoneAlarm is waiting for the TrueVector Internet Monitor to unload".
Clicking on Cancel in this dialog box is ignored, the window remains.
Eventually nothing responds except mouseover messages on the task bar, and a
hard reset of the PC is necessary.  In 4 years of using W2K I have never
known anything which will lock up W2K to this degree. Help please!! Sam

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Subject: [Spambayes] Problem with POP3 Proxy: Computer hangs while trying
toreview messages

I am using SpamBayes POP3 Proxy Version 1.0rc1 (May 2004) (binary),
with version 2.3.3 (#51, Feb 13 2004, 14:39:56) [MSC v.1200 32 bit
(Intel)] of Python; my operating system is Windows 5.1.2600.2 (Service
Pack 1).  I have trained 736 ham and 3930 spam.

The problem I am having is that frequently, when I click "review
messages", the computer hangs while trying to connect.  That's not a
problem in itself - fair enough that the website should be busy.  But
I cannot ever escape from this without powering down the machine - no
other interupt I can find will stop the attempt to connect.

(I'm using SpamBayes with Eudora 6.1.)

Howard Slatter


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