[Spambayes] Problem trying to setup the IMAP filter

Rick Friedman RickFriedman at vfemail.net
Thu Jul 15 22:05:44 CEST 2004

Hello all!

I am trying to set up SpamBayes for use with a couple of IMAP
accounts. I have followed the instructions on the SpamBayes
Sourceforge site which says:

If you retrieve mail via IMAP, you currently need to install a recent
version of Python and the SpamBayes source, then setup the IMAP
filter) for your mail server.

Well, I installed Python 2.3. I downloaded the SpamBayes 1.0 source
code. BTW, I am running Windows XP Home SP1a. Now, the readme says:

To configure SpamBayes, run "sb_imapfilter.py -b", which should open
a web page to <http://localhost:8880>, click on the "Configuration"
link at the top right, and fill in the relevant details.  Everything
should be OK with the defaults, except for the server information at
the top.

Well, I go to the /spambayes-1.0rc2/scripts/ folder. From the command
line I run the above mentioned command. However, I then get the
following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "sb_imapfilter.py", line 119, in ?
from spambayes.Options import options, get_pathname_option
ImportError: No module named spambayes.Options

Anyone have any ideas what the problem may be?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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