[Spambayes] spambayes' site webpage formatting....

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 16 16:29:18 CEST 2004

B Wavin wrote:
> The table is still too wide on my IE6 on XP, it has nothing to do
> with the style.ccs, removing the link to that makes no difference.
> However I tracked it down to the "preformatted" attribute being used
> for text in paragraphs 2.14, 4.11 and 4.12. In IE that apparently
> means all spaces are hard ones in those paragraphs so there is no
> text wrap forcing the table to be as big as it needs in order to
> include the unwrapped lines. Remove this attribute and the table
> works better.       

The changes to style.css haven't been pushed to the public website yet, so
any change from this fix would not be visible yet.  The change does indeed
fix the problem with IE6 on my system.

As with any web page, however, what you see will depend a lot on the size
your browser window.  I run at a high enough resolution that the
preformatted text all fit within my window, but I had a horizontal scrollbar
even though there was nothing but empty space off the right side of the
window.  It is this *unnecessary* horizontal scrolling that I consider a

If, on the other hand, your window is narrow enough that all of the
preformatted text is not visible in your window then you will still get the
horizontal scrollbar because you do actually *need* to scroll.  The text is
preformatted because these are single command lines that would be confusing
if we allowed them to wrap to multiple lines on the screen, so this is the
normal behavior for any browser.

Kenny Pitt

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