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Steven J. Hodgen steven at twitch.net
Sat Jul 17 17:51:41 CEST 2004



I'm new to this list, but have been using Spambayes for a couple of years


I'm writing this because Spambayes is no longer working nearly as
effectively as before.  I get tons and tons of spam, I suppose that I was
stupid for not mangling my address on Usenet newsgroup postings in the past,
but the damage is done.  In any case, I recently decided to carefully
retrain Spambayes in the hope that better training would solve the problem,
but it hasn't.  In fact, I'm somewhat shocked, since I've had such excellent
results in the past.


I'm writing this post hoping either for good advice on how to make Spambayes
work well again, or to get validation that there are some problems.


My suspicion is that spammers are getting much cleverer in their use of
things like:


V iag r.a


And permuting this sort of thing to such an extent that Spambayes can't
latch on to it.  I'm a programmer, and I can see that this would be a
difficult problem to solve.  One question, it is my understanding that
Spambayes uses "words" as the basic unit for scoring.  If so, is a space the
only character used as a break?  Any thoughts on this?  I'm certain that
this business has been rehashed many times, since Spambayes has been around
for a while now and has an active user base, but, well, the spam is driving
me nuts.


Thanks for your help!




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