[Spambayes] Does it work with YahooPops?

Rick Friedman RickFriedman at vfemail.net
Mon Jul 19 15:57:29 CEST 2004

I asked this of the list a week or so ago but never received a reply
about it. I'm hoping it doesn't mean that no one knows the answer.

Has anyone gotten SpamBayes to work with YahooPops? So far, I have
been unable to get it working. No matter what I do, the mail doesn't
seem to go through SpamBayes.

Currently, I have YahooPops set to use localhost as the address and
the port is 112. Without SpamBayes running, the mail comes in as it
should. In Spambayes, I set the Yahoo server to localhost and set the
port to 112. The mail still comes in but, instead of coming through
Spambayes, it seems to bypass it completely. I say this because
nothing gets marked with the X-Spambayes headers. And, if I review
messages through the Spambayes web interface, nothing shows up.

Anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong? Any help is greatly

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