[Spambayes] Does it work with YahooPops?

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 19 17:18:21 CEST 2004

Rick Friedman wrote:
> Has anyone gotten SpamBayes to work with YahooPops?

Yes, I've used it successfully with both YahooPOPs and Hotmail Popper.

> Currently, I have YahooPops set to use localhost as the address and
> the port is 112. Without SpamBayes running, the mail comes in as it
> should. In Spambayes, I set the Yahoo server to localhost and set the
> port to 112.

Sounds like you are trying to configure YahooPOPs and SpamBayes to listen on
the same port.  The correct configuration when your POP server uses a port
other than the default 110 is as follows:

Leave YahooPOPs configured as is.  In the SpamBayes configuration, set the
Remote Server to "localhost:112" and set the SpamBayes port to 113.  Now
configure your mail client to get mail from server localhost and port 113.

Kenny Pitt

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