[Spambayes] Does it work with YahooPops?

Rick Friedman RickFriedman at vfemail.net
Mon Jul 19 19:15:15 CEST 2004

Hi Kenny,

Monday, July 19, 2004, 11:18:21 AM, you wrote:

>> Currently, I have YahooPops set to use localhost as the address and
>> the port is 112. Without SpamBayes running, the mail comes in as it
>> should. In Spambayes, I set the Yahoo server to localhost and set the
>> port to 112.

KP> Sounds like you are trying to configure YahooPOPs and SpamBayes to listen on
KP> the same port.  The correct configuration when your POP server uses a port
KP> other than the default 110 is as follows:

KP> Leave YahooPOPs configured as is.  In the SpamBayes configuration, set the
KP> Remote Server to "localhost:112" and set the SpamBayes port to 113.  Now
KP> configure your mail client to get mail from server localhost and port 113.

Duh! You know... I looked at the ports several times, thinking that
something was wrong with them but it never dawned on me.

Thanks for pointing it out. It's working fine now!

Take it easy,
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