[Spambayes] Training Disparity Issues

Richard B Barger ABC APR Rich at RBarger.com
Mon Jul 19 23:58:47 CEST 2004

Kenny, I can partially reproduce the problem.  However, I believe I
incorrectly described what I was observing.

Let me tell you what I think happened -- and then what leaves me, like a
SpamBayes email analysis, "unsure."

It appears that to "set" a change in the Advanced Configuration page, you have
to exit SpamBayes and start it up again.  I can reproduce the problem every
time if I start out with the installation defaults, change the two settings,
then merely save the configuration by pressing the button at the bottom of the
screen and go looking for the Score header without first recycling SpamBayes.

I usually am meticulous about re-starts and even re-booting my computer when
I'm making changes to a program I'm not familiar with.  But, in this case, I
rather thought that "saving" the configuration implemented it.

I also thought I had unloaded and reloaded SpamBayes when I made the Advanced
Configuration changes, a couple of days ago.

But maybe I hadn't.

At any rate, now I can turn the "Display score in message review" column off
and on at will, and it works perfectly every time, so long as I exit SpamBayes
and start it up again.

If that is the source of the problem, then it is merely coincidence that I
must have first shut off and re-started SpamBayes after frustratedly trying a
change to the "Headers to display in message review" box, which change, in
reality, had nothing to do with what I experienced.

And yes, confirming your observation, the extra space in that text box
disappears after a configuration save.

I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling my POP3 Proxy Version 1.0rc2, just
in case there was something about the install process that caused the
problem.  But everything worked perfectly, with no failure-to-display glitch.

What makes me unsure is this:  I cannot imagine going several days without
shutting down SpamBayes and the computer and restarting them.  I often leave
my computer on for long periods, but I've been fiddling with SpamBayes, and
surely I must have exited and restarted it several times; if not, it is the
oddest coincidence.

And I had set "Add probability (score) header" and "Display score in message
review" to Yes several days ago and left them that way.

But I apologize for giving an incorrect description; I recognize how difficult
it is to troubleshoot even correctly stated problems.  There's no need in my
further complexifying things by providing the wrong information.

Thanks for your help.

Rich Barger
Kansas City


Kenny Pitt wrote:

> Richard B Barger ABC APR wrote:

> > I believe I found a bug:
> >
> > I had already clicked those settings several days ago, Tony, and
> > nothing had changed on my Review Messages screen.  That is, the
> > "Score" header had not been added.  I tried this in both Firefox and
> > IE, with the same results.
> >
> > After fiddling around a bit with the Advanced Configuration Interface
> > Options, I found that I needed to alter the very first option --
> > "Headers to display in message review" -- before the Score header
> > would appear in the Review Messages lists.
> >
> > After quite a bit of trial and error, I find that simply putting in a
> > trailing space after the default headers, "Subject From ", tricked
> > the system into displaying the Score header on the Review Messages
> > page.  Really.
> >
> > Now maybe I've been drinking, but, if so, I don't remember it.  <g>
> > I couldn't get the Score header to display until I made a change in
> > the "Headers to display in message review" window.
> That's rather odd.  I'm running with "Headers to display" set to "Subject
> From" with no space after From and with the "Display score in message
> review" option set to Yes, and I get the Score column just fine.
> Can you reproduce this reliably?  For example, does the Score column stop
> showing up as soon as you delete the extra space at the end and then
> reappear every time you add it?  Also, check and make sure that there
> actually is a space after From.  I just tried appending the trailing space
> and saving the configuration, and when I went back to the Advanced
> Configuration page the extra space had been automatically removed.
> --
> Kenny Pitt

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