[Spambayes] Questions about IMAPFilter

Woo, Christopher Christopher.Woo at pepperdine.edu
Tue Jul 20 01:13:33 CEST 2004

Hello everyone!

I have the latest release of SpamBayes IMAP Filter running successfully on
Windows XP. When I call it up from the command line, it works like a charm
and I have already successfully trained it with several hundred emails.

Here is my situation: I'd like to be able to run sb_imapfilter.py as a
service or a cron job when the Administrator is logged out. Has anyone been
able to do this with any of the various W32 cron tools, or with something
like FireDaemon?

I've tried Pycron, which has no problem executing the sb_imapfilter.py
script, but it looks like when it is run via Pycron, it's not selecting the
correct profile, and therefore does not work. Is this something that can be
defined from the command line, or hard-coded into the script? It's important
to note that this machine is a remote server, and usually only logged into
via RDP. I'd prefer to not leave the Administrator account logged in
constantly, mainly because it takes up a precious login slot that may be
needed by another user, otherwise I would just use the built-in -l switch
and leave it running.

I've also tried FireDaemon Lite, but cannot get it installed as a service,
either using the script directly, or by calling it from a .bat file.
FireDaemon gives me an error, and refuses to allow me to set it up as a

Anyone else trying to do what I am trying to do?


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