[Spambayes] ? about download

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Jul 20 01:56:10 CEST 2004

[David J. Weaver]
> Trying to download the exe file of SpamBayes 1.0
> final and says it can't be found.  Any help?

[Michael Kairys]
> The Windows installation file spambayes-1.0.exe is not 
> actually in the sourceforge download directory 
> pub/sourceforge/s/sp/spambayes...

[Bean Aaron A.]
> The link to the Win version of SpamBayes is not working.
> Not sure if this is a temporary issue, but wanted to bring
> it your attention.  I am interested in downloading the
> latest and greatest version.
> http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/spambayes/spambayes-1.0.exe?download 

[Tatum, Richard]
> At URL
> http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/spambayes/spambayes-1.0.exe?downl
> oad
> Got this error:
>    Could not read file.
>    Go back. 
> /home/ftp/pub/sourceforge//s/sp/spambayes/spambayes-1.0.exe
>    Jul 19, 2004 09:58

Apologies to you all.  This was a case of the website being updated slightly
too early.  The 1.0 (binary) release is not quite ready yet, but should be
any day now.  I've moved the website back to where it should be, and will
update it again when the new release is completely finished.  Note that the
spambayes-announce mail list will carry an announcement email when the new
release is made, and the "check for new version" functions on both the
Outlook plug-in and the tray application will indicate that there is a new
version available.

FWIW, the 1.0 release will have no changes from the 1.0rc2 one anyway.

=Tony Meyer

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