[Spambayes] Confusion about Unix or Linus documentation

akonstam at trinity.edu akonstam at trinity.edu
Wed Jul 21 04:04:07 CEST 2004

On the documentation page headed : Spambayes on Unix or Linux
there is a description of how to use spambayes with procmail.
In the .procmailrc file the spam is put in a file $HOME/Mail/spam.
In the line that illustrates the training of spambayes using:
sb_mboxtrain.py the file used to train spambayes is also
$HOME/Mail/spam. It is confuses me that these files are the same.
Is it really usefull to retrain spambayes on the files it has
identified as spam or should these files have different names as I
have done with spamassassin?

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