[Spambayes] Question on "Save and shutdown" button

samnicholls at appintec.com samnicholls at appintec.com
Wed Jul 21 06:27:28 CEST 2004

COMMENT #1 -- I'm using the POP3 proxy and Outlook Express, trained on about 2800 spam emails, and another 2800 ham emails. Works best with about the same number of each, right!!   SpamBayes is doing a great job identifying the spam, almost perfect in fact.  

COMMENT #2 -- The discipline of having to train has made me realize that, in my case at least, there is a third category of email, that which is not ham, yet it does not fall into the pure definition of spam either.  Examples of this are newsletters from organizations with which I have a loose association, and advertisements from companies who have apparently purchased a legitimate (?) email list of those who are in my rather narrow vertical industry.  Yet for accurate training it is obviously so important to be consistent when categorizing the "unsures", and what might be undesirable in the "ham".  When an email like this does make it through to my Inbox, I'm in a quandary as to how to categorize it.  After all, its not an promo for Viagra, or offering me a great deal on a mortgage, but its not an email from a colleague or friend either.  But because it comes from someone with a connection to my industry, it may be a newsletter with an interesting article, or an advertisement for a product or service I might need sometime.  I guess what I'm trying to say here is that I find it difficult to be consistent when categorizing emails of this type.  

QUESTION -- When using the web interface, on the bottom of the Review Messages page, and in fact on the bottom of most if not all pages, there is a "Save and shutdown" button.  I don't understand.  Does this mean that, after training, which I do several times during the day, that I need to click on this button to "save" the results of the training to the database?    

If no, why is the button there?  

If yes, why would I want to shut it down after saving?  It means I would need to right click on the tray icon and start it up again.  

Sam Nicholls
Alameda CA

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