[Spambayes] Question on "Save and shutdown" button

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Jul 21 06:52:19 CEST 2004

> COMMENT #2 -- The discipline of having to train
> has made me realize that, in my case at least, there
> is a third category of email, that which is not ham,
> yet it does not fall into the pure definition of
> spam either.

I think most of us have mail that we're indifferent about.  I would
recommend simply not training on anything that you can't personally decide
is something you want (i.e. ham) or something you don't (i.e. spam).  Either
SpamBayes will make the decision for you (because the message is similar to
other ham/spam), or it'll continue ending up as unsure, which shouldn't be a

> QUESTION -- When using the web interface, on the
> bottom of the Review Messages page, and in fact on
> the bottom of most if not all pages, there is a 
> "Save and shutdown" button.  I don't understand. 
> Does this mean that, after training, which I do several
> times during the day, that I need to click on this
> button to "save" the results of the training to the
> database?    

Once upon a time this was the case.  It isn't anymore, however - the
database is saved after any changes to it.  In effect, the button is really
more "shutdown" now.

> If no, why is the button there?  

History, more than anything.  It was once important to nicely tell sb_server
to shut down, whereas now most people probably just leave it running all the
time.  It will probably get renamed to "Shutdown" at some point (Windows
users can do this via the tray application, if they are using it, but other
users can't).

=Tony Meyer

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