[Spambayes] Questions concerning spambayes.

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Jul 22 02:54:23 CEST 2004

> First, I am wanting to install spambayes on outlook 98.  I am 
> aware that I cannot use the plugin.  However I am trying to 
> set it from source.  I am having problems with it.  I am not 
> sure that I have downloaded everything that I need or if I 
> have downloaded too much.  We use pop3.

You don't have to run from source.  What you need to use is the POP3 proxy
(the "sb_server" script).  All that you need to use this is the same
installer that you use for the Outlook plug-in.  Run it, and it should offer
to install sb_server rather than the plug-in (since it should fail to find
Outlook on those machines).

Once it's installed the readme should cover everything that you need to do
to set it up (this isn't (yet) as straightforward as the plug-in,
unfortunately).  If you run into any troubles, let us know.

> Secondly we have 
> some MAC operating systems that we would like to install this 
> on also. Pop 3 is used on these computers.  The program that 
> they run is Entourage by Microsoft.

You can use sb_server for these, too, although in this case you do need to
use the source.  You will need to get the source archive (the .tar.gz one is
probably best), and possibly also install Python (OS X 10.3 definitely
already has it, I think 10.2 has a sufficient version as well.  I don't know
about earlier versions).

The wiki has a bit of stuff about using SpamBayes with a mac -
<http://entrian.com/sbwiki>.  I've never set it up myself, so can't really
help more than that, sorry.  Once it's set up, though, it'll be exactly the
same interface as on the Windows machines.

=Tony Meyer

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