[Spambayes] help

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Jul 22 05:28:50 CEST 2004

> I downloaded the spam protection program and managed
> to "configure" it but now when I go onto my Outlook
> Express, I'm not sure how to use the spam program.

When you were configuring it, did you tick the "spam" and "unsure" boxes in
the "Notate to" or "Classify in subject: header" options?  If not, you need
to go back to the configuration and do this.  (This is necessary for Outlook
Express, because it can't work with very many message headers).

When you were configuring, did you also change your Outlook Express settings
to get mail from localhost?  If not, you'll need to do that too (the readme
should explain how to do this).

Once this is done, mail arriving in Outlook Express should have "Spam," or
"Unsure," in the subject or receipient list (depending on which boxes you
ticked above), if SpamBayes thinks (based on the training you do) that it's
spam or is unsure about it.  (If you've done no training at all, then
SpamBayes will be unsure about everything).

This doesn't actually clear up your inbox, of course.  What you can then do,
though, is set up rules in Outlook Express to deal with those messages, just
like you'd create rules for any other mail.  You could make a rule to move
all messages with "Spam," in the subject to a "spam" folder, for example.

=Tony Meyer

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