[Spambayes] SpamBayes in Public Folders

Mark Lewandowski theatre at rosebudtheatre.com
Thu Jul 22 18:18:44 CEST 2004

I was hoping for the first idea you mentioned, that I could separate a
personal mailbox with its spam requirements from a public folder with
its spam requirements. I realize it's a tall order, but one can always

I'd be interested in trying the second Outlook tack. I'm not sure how
that would work.

To answer your second part (since this may be a bug to be dealt with), I
create a new mail-enabled public folder (called "Testing"). I created
Junk and Suspected Junk within that Testing folder. I set the filter to
look at Testing and then to put the appropriate messages in the
appropriate folders within Testing. When I send a known spam message to
Testing, nothing happens. But when I send that same message to my Inbox,
it is filtered to the Suspected Junk under Testing. Even thought Inbox
was NOT selected. I tried different combinations of selecting things,
but could not leave my Inbox alone.

I am using Outlook Addin, Binary 0.81 (Sept 9, 2003) version of
Spambayes and Outlook 2002 (SP1). I had all the permissions possible
(owner of public folder, full admin rights to the server, etc.)



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> I know that I can select a public folder for
> both incoming and sorted mail (Junk, Suspected Junk),
> but it seems like I can have those folders only
> in my personal area OR in the public folder.

I'm confused by this.  Do you mean that you can only have one spam
folder and one unsure folder, and all filtered folders go there?  If so,
then that's by design (it makes things a million times simpler).  The
only way can think of to get around this is to have another copy of
Outlook running somewhere, that handles the second set of filtering
tasks.  (Or writing a whole new script or making lots and lots of
changes to the plug-in to handle separate destinations).

If that is what you mean, then none of the rest of this applies.  If
it's not, then maybe it does <wink>.

> Ideally I'd like to be able to have a separate
> Junk Mail/Junk Suspected section within the public
> folder that can be shared between multi-users
> (e.g., several receptionist). This doesn't seem
> possible under the areas I can find, but maybe there's a way.

What happens if you try to do this now?  You should be able to select
(mail) folder for filtering or as an unsure/spam destination.  If you
don't have the appropriate permissions for the folders you might have
troubles - the log files will have details.

=Tony Meyer

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