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Chris Cowlbeck chris at OKIEbiz.com
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What a great program.  I downloaded yesterday and I really love the ease
of use.  Spam away!
I use roaming profiles for the folks at work, and have read the trouble
shooting guide under multiple users.  I have tried to launch what was
typed in the command line at the DOS level, but I don't have enough
experience to know the correct command.  I have pasted that section
below and inserted the problem area where I have lacking
knowledge/experience.  Any tip would be helpful.  
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SpamBayes is not available for all users on the machine.

When SpamBayes is installed, by default it is available only for the
user who installed it.  This is to allow SpamBayes to appear in
Microsoft Outlook's Com-Addin list, and therefore able to be activated
and de-activated by the user inside Outlook.
It is possible to register the addin so it is available to all users on
a particular machine, which can be useful in enterprise arrangements
where users have 'roaming profiles'

To register SpamBayes in this way, you must log on as a user with
permissions to modify the system registry, then execute the command
(which command and in what program or interface...  DOS prompt?)
(obviously with the correct path substituted):
    "c:\Program Files\SpamBayes\bin\outlook_addin_register.exe"

If you check
html#CheckLog> the installation log after performing such an install,
you should see the following messages:
    Registered: SpamBayes.OutlookAddin 
    Registration complete.
    Registration (in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) complete.
Note the last line, which does not exist when registration is performed
only for the current user.  Once you have performed this registration,
the Addin will be available for all users - but as noted above, it will
no longer appear in Outlook's Com-Addin list.

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