[Spambayes] Data file "out of balance"...?

Kenneth Sole sole at soleassociates.com
Sat Jul 24 19:29:20 CEST 2004


I am running the most recent version of SpamBayes Outlook PlugIn...

I trained it on approximately 70 spams and 70 hams, and all was well.

SB occasionally misses a spam, and I have been training on those. SB
virtually never gives me a false positive (characterizing a ham as spam.)

As a result, the ratio of spams to hams in my database quickly goes up over
2:1 which I understand from the FAQs is not the best way to have things set

When this happens, I have thought to train on more hams in the hope of
getting the DB into better "balance" but I can't figure out how to train on
hams only. I can't move hams from the spam folder because none are in there.

What is the best way for me to handle the situation I describe? (And I will
add, I have looked at the online support materials without finding an answer
to this one.)

Very sincere thanks for any help,


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