[Spambayes] cant use this program

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Jul 27 01:38:14 CEST 2004

> Im pretty savvy on a pc , but cant for the life of
> me figure out how to configure this program. Right
> now it doesnt seem to do anything. Any more explicit
> and laymans wording help for what to put in the
> configure spaces for port #s

When you're asking for help, it really helps us if you can say: what
operating system (and version) you are using, what version of SpamBayes you
are using, which SpamBayes application you are trying to use, what mail
client you are using, and to be really specific about the problem that you
are having.  Without that, we have to make lots of guesses, and it takes
much longer to get a useful answer.

I presume you are using sb_server, and trying to enter the server & port
details for your POP3 server.  If you only get mail from one server, then in
the "remote servers" box, you put the name of that server, e.g.
"mail.example.com".  In the "SpamBayes Ports" box, you put 110 (unless you
already have something using that port, or you are using Mac OS X or Linux).

You then set your mail client to receive mail from "localhost", rather than

Is this what you were after?

=Tony Meyer

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