[Spambayes] Recognizing Posts vs E-mails

Mark Lewandowski theatre at rosebudtheatre.com
Fri Jul 30 22:08:49 CEST 2004

In a public folder in Outlook, you can post a message (by creating a new
message when you are inside the folder) or send an e-mail to a folder.
If the person is outside the network, it will translate an e-mail
message into a posted message.

A posted message is declared by an icon that looks like a paper with a
push-pin in it. An e-mail is an envelope (either open or closed
depending on read status). They are different mainly in that posted
messages will list conversations (and groups them by that conversation).

There are other differences about how you can handle them, but I don't
know if these are simply cosmetic. I don't know how to examine the code
to give a more precise answer.


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    Mark> OK, so I've found a work around to get SpamBayes to work on
    Mark> folders, IF I can get it to recognize posted messages as well
    Mark> e-mails.
You lost me.  What's the difference between a "posted message" and an


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