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Jim Burch Jim at ContemporaryCatholic.org
Sat Jul 31 17:01:56 CEST 2004

Thanks so much for this great software!  You are the saving force!
My file "junk email" has disappeared from the left column of my Outlook.
I know some good emails are still going in there, as the program is
still training, and I guess always will be to some degree.  But I need
to see the "junk email" file to retrieve the good stuff and slide it
over to the inbox.  Can you tell me where it went and how to get it back
in the left-hand options box in Outlook?  (I read the on-line manual,
but frankly am not too good at this and could not figure out the answer
to this question.)  I am not sure which version I have, only that it is
about two months old, so is probably a newer version.
Thanks so much!
Jim Burch
Jim at ContemporaryCatholic.org 
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