[Spambayes] Illogicality in the Web UI?

Katz, Amir Amir_Katz at bmc.com
Sat Jul 31 22:55:38 CEST 2004

If you use Mozilla or FireFox, you can simply open the clues link with
Click+Control-T, which will open it in another tab in the same browser. The
first tab still shows the classified list. Problem solved.


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    Robert> Go to the Review messages page in the web UI and work your way
    Robert> through a couple of hundred emails, checking the current
    Robert> classications. As you get to the end of the list of emails
    Robert> there's one item which seems to be wrong: so you decide to check
    Robert> the clues. All seems well, so you return to the Review page -
    Robert> and find that the web interface has thrown away all your
    Robert> carefully classified selections and reverted to where you first
    Robert> started classifying.

This is, unfortunately, a feature of your web browser.  Some browsers simply
insist on refetching the page when you hit the back button.  I'm not sure if
there's anything the sb_server.py-generated HTML can do to keep that from
happening (maybe there's some magic HTTP header that will stop it).  I
suppose we could add a "target" attribute to the clues links to force the
clues pages to open in a new window.  I'd personally find that a bit
annoying though.  (My browser, Safari, doesn't suffer from reload-itis.)  Is
there some way you can force the clues page to open in a new window (button
2 click, hold down a modifier key, whatever)?  What about using a different
browser?  If so, that would be a reasonable workaround until a more
generally acceptable solution can be found.

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