[Spambayes] Spambayes Configuration with Netscape and AVG antivirus?

Michael Kimball michael at kimballpottery.com
Mon Jun 14 16:28:40 EDT 2004

Can anyone help me set up Grisoft's AVG email virus scanner with
Spambayes and Netscape Messenger 4.79, please?

I'm getting really confused with this.  I figure it should be something

  POP3 mailserver -> AVG -> Spambayes -> Netscape Messenger  for
incoming mail, and
  SMTP mailserver <- AVG ------------ <- Netscape Messenger  for
outbound mail

(AVG seems to insist that it use ports 5110 and 5025.  I tried to set it
to take port 110 and it SAID ok, but when I reopen that dialogue it is
set back to 5110.  No matter, eventually I got NS to work with the POP3
port set to ''.  the word 'server' seems to be
required.  It won't work with out it.)

What I've TRIED to do is set up AVG and NS first, and when that is
working, reinsert Spambayes between them.  So far it seems I've got the
smtp settings ok, since I can send email, and it does have the AVG
Certification ("Outbound mail is certified virus free"), but while I can
receive e-mail, it doesn't have the AVG certification and it DOES have
the Spambayes headers -even after I clicked 'Stop Spambayes'.

I'm using the AVG 6.0 'Universal E-mail Scanner'  - and apparently ALSO
using the AVG Outlook/Outlook Express plugin/feature/funtion/thingy - . 
That tab in AVG Control Centre references ONLY Outlook and Outlook
Express, so I figured it had nothing to do with me since I'm not using
Outlook or Outlook Express.  But it is the only place that you can turn
on the "Certify incoming email", "Certify outgoing email" functions.

I guess the first question - for Spambayes users - is how do I turn it
off, so I know it isn't intercepting the inbound email before AVG sees
it.  Once I know AVG and NS are working properly together, if I can't
figure how to reinsert Spambayes in the proper place in the POP3 chain,
I may be back with that question.

Thank you,
Mike Kimball

Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
Checked by AVG anti-virus system (http://www.grisoft.com).
Version: 6.0.705 / Virus Database: 461 - Release Date: 6/12/2004

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