[Spambayes] Size of Spam-Bayes DB in user profile

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Jun 24 01:04:11 EDT 2004

> My Spam-Bayes DB file is over 10 MB. This is not the
> only problem with using Spam-Bayes with a roaming profile,
> but it does trouble me.

I believe others are using SpamBayes with roaming profiles - what other
problems are you having?  Someone here might have a solution.

> Is there a way to reconfigure the product to run on
> Windows XP without loading up my profile. I log on to many
> systems in my office, so I don't want to carry so much overhead.

You can change the directory in which the db is stored, which I think is
what you are after.  See FAQ 3.14:


The logical place would be /Documents and Settings/{username}/Local
Settings/Application Data/SpamBayes, but you can use whatever suits you.

> I am also troubled by a surprising amount of Spam that
> gets past Spam-Bayes. I receive about 60 Spams/day. Spam-Bayes
> stops 30, suspects another 15, and lets through about 15. I guess
> it's better than nothing, but I was frankly expecting more
> protection.

See FAQs 4.7, 4.8, and 4.9:


=Tony Meyer

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