[Spambayes] Grisoft AVG Universal E-mail Scanner -> Spambayes -> Netscape Messenger 4.79

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Jun 24 01:14:13 EDT 2004

> I hda sent this earlier, but it got tucked in with another 
> thread and may hve been missed.  Hopefully that was the 
> reason it hasn't been answered yet.  :)

I did see the other one, and planned to answer it, but have been very busy
recently.  I think others have, too.  (My list of messages to deal with from
this list has ballooned up to 146, where I had it about 100 not that long

> Can anyone help me set up Grisoft's AVG email virus scanner 
> with Spambayes and Netscape Messenger 4.79, please?
> I'm getting really confused with this.  I figure it should be 
> something like
>   POP3 mailserver -> AVG -> Spambayes -> Netscape Messenger  
> for incoming mail, and
>   SMTP mailserver <- AVG ------------ <- Netscape Messenger  
> for outbound mail

Either that, or this:
   POP3 mailserver -> Spambayes -> AVG -> Netscape Messenger
for incoming mail

Depending on which works best.

> (AVG seems to insist that it use ports 5110 and 5025.  I 
> tried to set it to take port 110 and it SAID ok, but when I 
> reopen that dialogue it is set back to 5110.  No matter, 
> eventually I got NS to work with the POP3 port set to 
> ''.  the word 'server' seems to be 
> required.  It won't work with out it.)

So it should be:

  Netscape receives from localhost:110
  SpamBayes receives from localhost:5110 (and sends to localhost:110)
  AVG receives from mailserver:110 (and sends to localhost:5510)

> I guess the first question - for Spambayes users - is how do 
> I turn it off, so I know it isn't intercepting the inbound 
> email before AVG sees it.

The "Stop SpamBayes" item *should* have done this.  The wee icon will change
colour once it's done.  The log should contain a message letting you know
that it's stopped.  I don't suppose you have two instances of sb_server
running somehow?  The task manager would show that.

If you still can't get it to work, let me know and I'll install AVG on a
machine I have here with Netscape Messenger and try and get it going.

=Tony Meyer

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