[Spambayes] Make "Delete as Spam" really delete the email

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat Jun 26 23:06:24 EDT 2004

> Maybe a better solution would be to have SB deal with three 
> folders: 1. Spam Suspects (the 'unsure'), as exists today 2. 
> Spam (those that the filter deemed to be spam), as exists 
> today 3. Spam by user (those that the user marked with 
> 'delete as spam')

FWIW, I simulate this by having SpamBayes mark messages that I do "Delete As
Spam" on as read, but leave mail automatically classified as spam as unread.
That way, when I go into the spam folder, it's only the unread mail that I
have to check.

Amir is correct, though, that a request like this will stand a better chance
of survival via the sourceforge system.

=Tony Meyer

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