[Spambayes] Toolbar help

Michele Stewart mstewart at allwirelesssolutions.com
Mon Mar 1 16:03:08 EST 2004

I just finished reading the troubleshooting guide but couldn't find a
resolution to my problem.

I'm using Windows 2000 Pro with Outlook 2000 and Spambayes v0.9. For some
reason, when I'm in my Junk Suspects Folder, the toolbar shows a Delete as
Spam option but does NOT show a Recover from Spam option. This is a change
from the prior version which I also used.

I did have to do a whole new install of Win2000, Outlook and Spambayes
recently but other than having to have Spambayes relearn all my junk mail
preferences, the toolbar shouldn't be acting this way, should it?

Can someone help?


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