[Spambayes] Installation Problem

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 26 15:12:31 EST 2004

What icon did you double-click?  Was it the "SpamBayes Tray Icon" icon
that was added to your desktop, or did you double-click one of the
program files in the SpamBayes installation folder?
If you double-click the sb_server file in your installation folder then
it runs in the background with no tray icon, but in that case you should
be able to connect using your Web browser by entering the URL
<http://localhost:8880> http://localhost:8880. If you double-click the
sb_service file then you won't get anything at all. The program file
that is linked from the "SpamBayes Tray Icon" shortcut is sb_tray.
Kenny Pitt


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Hi.  I downloaded the sb_server for use with Outlook Express.  I use
Windows 98.  Here's the problem: When I double-click the icon nothing
happens.  When I first downloaded it I could get the tray icon to open
and then right click, but when I tried to configure and save it would
not save.  Since then I've had problems.  I uninstalled nad reinstalled
the program but still can't get the tray to even open up.  Any ideas?

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