[Spambayes] Multiple User Configuration .

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat May 1 22:52:39 EDT 2004

> 	However, what I'd like to know is the best way to configure
> Spambayes in this environment.  A single instance on the main machine,
> instances on each machine?  OL2003 issues to work with?

IMO a single instance on each machine would be best.  That way they all have
individual setups, individual definitions of spam, etc.  This also means
that they don't need to be connected to the main machine for anything to do
with SpamBayes (although I'm not sure I see how they can disconnect from the
main machine but still read mail if it's stored on a pst file on the main

Simply installing SpamBayes on each machine should be sufficient.  Depending
on their ability you might also wish to open Outlook and run through the
configuration wizard for them as well.

There *shouldn't* be any OL2003 issues - we certainly know of people who are
happily using SpamBayes with OL2003.  There have been problem reports as
well, but there's nothing specific about OL2003 that causes a problem as far
as we know.

=Tony Meyer

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