[Spambayes] Click "Delete as Spam" or "Recover from spam" doesn'talways work

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat May 1 23:10:12 EDT 2004

> I went through and targeted some folders to be
> scanned for any current spam.  It tore up those
> folders, both good and bad messages, so now I
> have to go back and forth and move things back
> to where they belong.

Note that you can filter a folder and just score it rather than performing
all filtering actions, which means you could check to see if scoring will be
accurate before you get SpamBayes to move things everywhere (where
'everywhere' is of course only the unsure and spam folders).

> What's worse, is that I
> can't return them by clicking "Recover from Spam". 
> I click the button no problem, but the messages
> just stay in the folder.

We need to see your log file to be able to figure out what is happening here
(the troubleshooting guide and FAQ explain where to find it).  Make sure
that it include the error by starting up Outlook, trying (and failing) to
move one of these messages, and then grab the log and send it to us (the

=Tony Meyer

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