[Spambayes] Occasional error

Nick Challoner nick at challoner.com
Sun May 2 05:49:51 EDT 2004

Hi all...

I am very happily using Spambayes 1.01b POP3 proxy with Pegasus Mail 
under Windows ME on a Pentium III/500 PC. Usually it works very well 
indeed on the 500 or so emails i receive a day - 300 or so of which 
are spam and are marked as such by Spambayes.

Just recently a couple of times a day a spam gets through to my 
inbox, and on investigating the headers it seems as though Spambayes 
has errored with the following header:

X-Spambayes-Exception: Traceback (most recent call last):
 .  File "sb_server.pyc", line 474, in onRetr
 .  File "spambayes\message.pyc", line 262, in asTokens
 .  File "spambayes\message.pyc", line 277, in as_string
 .  File "email\Message.pyc", line 130, in as_string
 .  File "email\Generator.pyc", line 102, in flatten
 .  File "email\Generator.pyc", line 130, in _write
 .  File "email\Generator.pyc", line 156, in _dispatch
 .  File "email\Generator.pyc", line 199, in _handle_text
 .TypeError: string payload expected: <type 'list'>

Is there anything i can do to stop this from happening? It's not a 
major problem - just once or twice per 300 spams, but i'm worried it 
might get worse.


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