[Spambayes] Occasional error

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun May 2 19:36:48 EDT 2004

> Just recently a couple of times a day a spam gets through to my 
> inbox, and on investigating the headers it seems as though Spambayes 
> has errored with the following header:
>  .TypeError: string payload expected: <type 'list'>
> Is there anything i can do to stop this from happening? It's not a 
> major problem - just once or twice per 300 spams, but i'm worried it 
> might get worse.

Reports of this are quickly becoming more common.  We're working on a fix
and will try and get it into the next release.  Until then, there isn't
really much you can do, sorry.

=Tony Meyer

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