[Spambayes] Re: unsure,Re: [spambayes-dev] wish from new user

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun May 2 23:28:53 EDT 2004

> In the binary version there is no file created with the options 
> different than the default options ? 
> When you do a Save configuration in the web interface the 
> options should be saved in a file. This file can be edited 
> and this can be simpler.

The options are saved in a file - it's exactly the same as when running from
source.  The reason that the OP had to fiddle about with the Options.py file
is because the list of valid values for all the options is stored in there,
and can't be changed apart from in code.

For this particular case, the "notate_to" (and "notate_subject") option
specify that the only valid values are "ham", "spam" and "unsure" (and any
combination of those).  There's no way to change this outside of the code,
so this means that if these are not the values that are used for the
header_X_string options, those options will not work.

This is a bug - and I've opened a tracker for it and will fix it at some
point.  Simply changing the value of options works exactly the same as with
the source (for example, changing the "header_ham_string" in the
bayescustomize.ini file will work fine).

=Tony Meyer

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