[Spambayes] first item not scanned

Coe, Bob rcoe at CambridgeMA.GOV
Mon May 3 07:42:35 EDT 2004

I've already upgraded to 1.0b1, so I'm not sure I have a dog in this hunt; but I could swear that one of the Authoritative Personages of Spambayes recently asserted that 1.0b1 is only trivially different from 0.9. In particular, I believe the only difference was in the treatment of an obscure training option that most users would never need to use. Am I hallucinating?


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> > I noticed since I updated to the latest Outlook
> > version (Outlook XP) that whenever I launch Outlook,
> > the first spam item (in my Inbox) is not scanned.
> > I have to manually mark it as spam. Any idea what
> > could be causing this?
> Are you using a reasonably old (i.e. not 1.0b1) version of SpamBayes?  This
> was a reasonably common problem once, but has pretty much been fixed I think.
> If you are using 1.0b1, what do you have the "background filtering"
> (Advanced tab of the Manager dialog) options set to?
> (If you're not using 1.0b1, then we highly recommend upgrading).
> =Tony Meyer

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