[Spambayes] (problems with outlook 2003)

Brewer, Gary brewerg at vt.edu
Mon May 3 08:16:37 EDT 2004

Sorry, didn't mean to be rude, just wasn't sure my first one made it
through. Answers to your questions below....

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>> Running Spambayes with Outlook 2003/exchange/XP,
>> if a message is highlighted and I click "delete as spam"
>> it deletes it but the view stays the same..i.e. it appears
>> to still be sitting in the folder (and still shows in
>> the folder view) until you click off of it and then it
>> disappears. In 2002 it would disappear immediately.

>Is it definitely when you click off it that it moves?  It's not just
>longer for some reason?

It is definitely when I click off of it...I can sit there and watch it
for several minutes and nothing happens, but as soon as I click off it's
gone (or if I click on it immediately its gone). New incoming mail will
cause it too..I guess anything that causes the emphasis to be off of
that particular message. I don't see any errors in the log..here is an
example of what got written after I clicked "delete as spam" on a
message in my "junk suspects" folder (and sat and watched it still sit
there for several minutes until I clicked the next message):

Moving and spam training message 'fiefdom trojan' -  Training on message
'fiefdom trojan' in 'Mailbox - Brewer, Gary/Junk Suspects -  trained as

I'm pretty sure it does the actual move immediately, because if you
actually double click the message while its still highlighted, it'll
give me the "no filterable items exist" error message.

>Does your log have any error messages?  (The troubleshooting guide and
>explain where to find the log).

>Are you moving the message to another folder on Exchange, or to a local

I'm moving it to another folder on Exchange.

Thanks for your help.

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