[Spambayes] Multiple User Configuration .

Coe, Bob rcoe at CambridgeMA.GOV
Mon May 3 12:07:18 EDT 2004

You might want to consider running a POP3 proxy (e.g., VPOP3) on your main machine. Then you could run Spambayes separately on each of your kids' machines. A side benefit is that your kids wouldn't need login accounts on your main machine, only POP3 accounts. VPOP3 was developed by a mom-and-pop software house in England; you can find it with a Google search.

Somebody may suggest that you use Spambayes's own POP3 proxy, which I guess would also work. I think you'd lose the ability to give each kid a separate Spambayes database, but I'm not certain of that.


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> 	I finally broke down at Christmas time and bought W2K machines for
> my teenagers, I also got the M$oft Office 2003 for Educators and Students
> with a sufficient number of bundled licenses for the machines, and it comes
> with Outlook 2003.  So I have a W2K peer-to-peer network at home. 
> 	All of us have logins to the main machine (mine) but the teens only
> have power user logins.  That machine is the only one connected to the net,
> and that is by dial-up.  I'm running the VComm System Suite 5.02 package
> with the bundled Trend AV and Sygate Firewall.  Internet connection sharing
> is disable and will never be enabled if I have my way.
> 	I've set their Outlook profiles up on the net connected machine to
> use a PST file on a share on each of their machines over the home
> peer-to-peer.  They are only supposed to use the main machine to retrieve
> their mail, then log off the net, and the main machine and then read their
> mail on their own machines.  If they need to send mail, it is composed on
> their machines, they log off of that machine and then logon to the main
> machine, connect and then send.
> 	We use sub-accounts on SBC-Yahoo, which the main machine grabs via
> POP3 and sends via SMTP.  This all works like a champ.
> 	However, what I'd like to know is the best way to configure
> Spambayes in this environment.  A single instance on the main machine,
> instances on each machine?  OL2003 issues to work with?
> 	Your considered advice is appreciated.
> -h

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