[Spambayes] first item not scanned

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon May 3 18:50:36 EDT 2004

[Tony Meyer]
> Are you using a reasonably old (i.e. not 1.0b1) version of SpamBayes?  
> This was a reasonably common problem once, but has pretty much been 
> fixed I think.

[Bob Coe]
> I've already upgraded to 1.0b1, so I'm not sure I have a dog 
> in this hunt; but I could swear that one of the Authoritative 
> Personages of Spambayes recently asserted that 1.0b1 is only 
> trivially different from 0.9. In particular, I believe the 
> only difference was in the treatment of an obscure training 
> option that most users would never need to use. Am I hallucinating?

No - when I said "reasonably old", I meant something like 006 or 007, but
I'm too lazy to look up exactly when that was meant to be fixed.  Compared
to 0.9, 1.0b1 had very few Outlook changes, and none were particularly
significant - the non-Outlook apps (particularly sb_imapfilter and
sb_server) had somewhat more fixes, though.

The Outlook changes from 0.9 to 1.0b1 were:
 * Don't record classification in stats unless all_actions
   is true so that rescoring messages doesn't skew the
   statistics counters.
 * Catch all MAPI errors fetching the HTML for a message,
   and remove the warning about old win32all versions.
 * Set pythoncom.frozen along with sys.frozen in our nasty
   registration hacks (this fixed problems building the
   installer, and probably didn't make any change to the
 * Handle the fact that GetParent() may raise an exception,
   in which case we aren't able to show the item in the tree.
   (This is to do with displaying the folder list in the
   configuration dialogs).
 * GetParent() catches MAPI errors and raises a MsgStoreException
 * Improve speed by calling .SetColumns() before .Restrict()

=Tony Meyer

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