[Spambayes] Imported DB to Data Folder but SpamBayes Manager says 'no training info'.

Marc Mantovani lostipod at yahoo.ca
Mon May 3 20:00:22 EDT 2004

I just did a fresh install of Windows XP.  Before I was running Spam Bayes 0.81 and Outlook 2000.  Now I'm using Spam Bayes 1.0b1 and Outlook 2003.  I backed up all files that were in the Data Folder (with Outlook 2000 and Spam Bayes 0.81) and have now copied them into the Data Directory for Spam Bayes 1.0b1 (with Outlook 2003).  I changed the names of the folders from Spam and Possible Spam to Junk Email and Possible Junk, so I could use the defaut folder that comes with Outlook 2003.  I updated Spam Bayes Manager to reflect this.  However, the Spam Bayes Manager still says 'no training info' even after closing Outlook 2003 and re-opening it.  How can I get this new install to recognize my old database as I don't want to have to retrain it from scratch?
P.S. - please reply to this yahoo acount.  Thanks in advance.

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