[Spambayes] installed but will not run

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon May 3 21:35:33 EDT 2004

> I have downloaded spambayes and can find the files on my 
> computer however when I open up Outlook Spambayes does not 
> initiate. I get an email saying I need to use the Spam bayes 
> manager - however I cannot find this in my files and it is 
> not showing in Outlook.

When you first started, you should have been presented with a Wizard that
helped you set up SpamBayes.  Was this not the case?  What version of
SpamBayes are you using?

Do you have a SpamBayes toolbar?  It should have a SpamBayes button and
(depending on which folder you are in) "Delete as spam" and "Recover from
Spam" buttons.  If you click the SpamBayes button (if it's there) you get a
drop-down menu, and the "SpamBayes Manager" refered to is the first item in
that menu.

Otherwise, if you could send us your log file (the troubleshooting guide and
FAQ explain where to find that) that would help us figure out what stage
you're at.

=Tony Meyer

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