[Spambayes] Using SpamBayes as a "remote filter"?

papaDoc papaDoc at videotron.ca
Wed May 5 17:43:40 EDT 2004


>>I got a Linux (debian) server with a DSL connection. Is it 
>>possible to use the Unix version of SpamBayes to check a 
>>pop-mailbox, remove all spam mails from the mailbox and keep 
>>the ham on the pop server of my provider?
What I'm doing is something that you might find useful.

I have a server at home (Linux debian also).
With fetchmail I grab all the mails from my different account and sort 
them to different users with the use of simple procmail rule and 
sb_filter.py. (The users are me, my girlfriend, and spam)

Then my server is also a POP3 server. So at work I'm retrieving only the 
"me" user and when  I'm back home I look at the spam user mail.

>Transferring the databases is reasonably straightforward.  You *might* be
>able to simply copy the database files - if you're using a pickle, that
>would be fine.  If you're using one of the dbm modules (the default), then
>it might work, depending on the various versions on the Windows and Unix
Yes it is working if  the windows and unix PC have the same  "best" 
database format.


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