[Spambayes] folder selection problems

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed May 5 17:49:29 EDT 2004

>> I installed the beta version 1.0b1 and the behavior changed.
>>   Aaron
>>     Inbox
>>   Info
>>     Inbox
>>     Other
>> Given mailbox accounts like this, if I select the Inbox under Info, I get
>> messagebox
>>  Please select child folder - top-level folders can't be used
> Eeeek!  Whilst this is a cracking program when used on
> a single mailbox I've got the exact same problem as
> detailed below.  I've searched the archives but can't turn
> anything up; did anyone find a resolution for this?

I'm fairly sure this is now fixed.  Stayed tuned for an announcement of
1.0rc1 at some point today (or just go and get it from
) and try that version - I believe it'll work.

I can't be sure, because I only have (write) access to one Exchange store,
but it gives me an access denied error rather than the "invalid window
handle" error that it used to, so it seems like it.

If it's not fixed in 1.0rc1, then please (re?)open a bug on sourceforge, so
that we can be sure to get it fixed for 1.0.

=Tony Meyer

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