[Spambayes] Occasional error

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed May 5 18:01:15 EDT 2004

> If it's any help, it pretty much always seems to be mails very 
> similar to this one (they might even be identical - i can keep them 
> if you want me to). I thought it might help in working out what's 
> causing the problem if you haveb't already done so:

If I understand correctly, it's that the message is multipart, but claims to
be text/plain, which causes the parser grief.  The 1.0rc1 release of
SpamBayes should handle these well with sb_filter/sb_mboxtrain.
sb_imapfilter will at least not choke and die on them anymore - it'll do
what sb_server already did and just add an X-SpamBayes-Exception header.

There's some discussion on spambayes-dev about what'll we'll do long term.
The latest version of the Python email parser handles these fine, and
there's an even newer version that handles any badly formed message well, so
we might end up packaging one of those in with SpamBayes.  Something will be
done, at any rate...

Thanks for the help, though - much appreciated.

=Tony Meyer

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