[Spambayes] Love SpamBayes! Should I prune my SPAM folder?

Warren 'Llama' Ernst warren at warrenernst.com
Wed May 5 18:36:26 EDT 2004


Just a note from a very satisfied user of the Outlook module of SpamBayes. I
review software for a living, and after playing with SpamBayes, it is the
only anti-spam product I use on my own machines and email accounts, and I
rely on my email to earn my income.

I am having no problems, but I have a question:

After a month or two of using the Outlook plugin with great success, I find
that my Inbox (my store of Ham) has 972 messages, and my SPAM folder (which
obviously stores SPAM) has 2587 messages, and the SPAM folder is growing at
around 100 messages a day.

Ordinarily, I'd be deleting SPAM, but I need to keep it around so that
SpamBayes knows current trends in what Spam looks like, right? Or does
SpamBayes learn all it is going to learn during filtering and when I drag
things to the SPAM folder, so now I can now clean this folder out? Or should
I just delete the oldest 2000 messages every few months?

This isn't a big deal now, of course, (my mail archive goes back ten years
and consists of thousands of messages), but in a few years the SPAM folder
could be 100,000 messages if I don't do something.

Thanks for clearing this up for me.


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