[Spambayes] strange stuff..bug

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu May 6 00:23:09 EDT 2004

> It seemed to load fine and I right clicked the tray
> to begin configuring......I am not sure what I did but
> next thing I knew the tray.... dissapeared.. 
> I tried un installing and reinstalling repeatedly and
> then down loaded yr latest version but to no avail ...
> the installer said all okay but the tray has never reappeared...

I suspect this means that something went really wrong with the configuration
somehow.  The uninstall/install process doesn't touch the configuration
file, so that could still be causing the problem.  This file is located in
your Data directory - the troubleshooting guide explains how to find it.
It'll be called bayescustomize.ini.  You might need to delete that to start

> This is used in outlook express on a xp home machine....
> ....The traceback log s follows......
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "autoconfigure.py", line 791, in ?
>   File "autoconfigure.py", line 742, in offer_to_configure
>   File "autoconfigure.py", line 705, in configure
>   File "autoconfigure.py", line 451, in configure_outlook_express
> KeyError: 'SMTP Port'

This is interesting:

  1. Did you try using the "autoconfigure" program?  This isn't widely used,
and is still under development, which is why it's not mentioned anywhere,
although it does get installed.  Did it work for you prior to this?

  2. Was it when using the "autoconfigure" program that the problem
occurred?  The log seems to indicate this.

  3. What version of Outlook Express is this?  The error seems like it's
saying that OE's registry information doesn't look like it expects it to,
which probably means a different version.

=Tony Meyer

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