[Spambayes] (problems with outlook 2003)

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu May 6 00:29:49 EDT 2004

> Sorry, didn't mean to be rude, just wasn't sure my first one 
> made it through. Answers to your questions below....

That's ok - I wasn't telling you off or anything, just pointing out in case
you didn't know (with some systems maybe posting twice would help - here
it's just one more message in the pile to answer).

> It is definitely when I click off of it...I can sit there and 
> watch it for several minutes and nothing happens, but as soon 
> as I click off it's gone (or if I click on it immediately its 
> gone). New incoming mail will cause it too..I guess anything 
> that causes the emphasis to be off of that particular 
> message. I don't see any errors in the log.
> I'm pretty sure it does the actual move immediately, because 
> if you actually double click the message while its still 
> highlighted, it'll give me the "no filterable items exist" 
> error message.

This certainly is an odd one - especially since others using Outlook 2003 (I
presume they used exchange, too) haven't reported it.  I'm afraid I'm out of
ideas - if it bothers you, the best move now would be to open a bug report
on sourceforge: <http://sf.net/projects/spambayes> (if you haven't already;
I don't recall).  At some point Mark will get time to take a look at it and
might be able to figure out something we can do to refresh (deselect the
message or something, perhaps).

Sorry I can't be of more help.

=Tony Meyer

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