[Spambayes] Spambayes not automatically filtering in Outlook 2000

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu May 6 00:42:01 EDT 2004

> Yes, spambayes is enabled. Background filtering has been 
> turned both on and off doesn't seem to make a difference.. in 
> fact I can't see what that would do as it takes so long to 
> kick in, meanwhile my rules would have moved the message out 
> of the inbox into the appropriate sub folder. Perhaps I misunderstand.

The idea behind the background filtering is that you ensure that SpamBayes
kicks in after your rules have moved things about, and you simply filter all
the folders that messages are moved to.  Without it, it's anyone's guess as
to whether SpamBayes or Outlook's Rules get at messages first, and so some
will be filtered then moved, and others will be just moved.  When you turned
it on, were you filtering the destination folders?  Are messages that aren't
moved by rules filtered?

> Logfile attached.

This is rather odd.  Are the messages referred to in the logfile recent
ones?  The log indicates that lots of messages were successfully filtered,
and doesn't have any errors - or were these ones that you did a "Filter
folder" on?

=Tony Meyer

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