[Spambayes] SpamBayes works only with Administrator

Urko Masse urko.masse at telitas.nl
Thu May 6 03:36:33 EDT 2004

My reply goes below:

Tony Meyer wrote:

>>I have tried installing SpamBayes, latest available binary installer 
>>1.0b1, and it works fine if I install and run it as Administrator (at 
>>least I get the Wizard and the Toolbar in Outlook 2000). 
>>However, if I install it as a normal (limited) user, it doesn't. I am 
>>running Windows 2000 Professional SP4.
>What happens when you try to install it as a normal user?  Do you get an
>error message?  If so, what is it?  Does the install work, but you don't end
>up with anything in Outlook?  If so, what does the log file contain?
I got no error message whatsoever, and absolutely no trace of Spambayes 
in Outlook.
In the log file, which I unfortunately can't access anymore, the last 
message said something like "Access Denied" (in Dutch). I can try to get 
that log file later, but the person that works on the computer is 
usually quite busy.

>>I have tried the sugestion for enabling the Plugin for all users, as 
>>described in the Troubleshooting guide, but I get an error message 
>>saying that the Dll was loaded, but the registration entry 
>>point was not found.
>Something is wrong with using regsvr32 to do this (I don't know what, but it
>doesn't work for me or many other people either).  However, you can use the
>"outlook_addin_register.exe" program to do the same thing.  Run
>"outlook_addin_register.exe hkey_local_machine" and see if that works.
Well, perfect!!! It worked! Now she is happily training SpamBayes as it 
goes! I couldn't pre-sort email, but she gets around 200 spam mails per 
day (actual number!) in that email account. It is a public account for 
business purposes, so just like a sitting duck for spammers. I think 
that SpamBayes will get pretty good at it pretty quickly...

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

>=Tony Meyer
Urko Masse

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