[Spambayes] RE:Hi - Virus Detected!!

postmaster at kpgb.q8.co.uk postmaster at kpgb.q8.co.uk
Fri May 7 02:48:02 EDT 2004

The Email scanning software at Q8 Petroleum has detected the Scenarios/Incoming/Sophos Content Manager: Threat: 'W32/Netsky-Z' detected by 'Sophos AV Interface for MIMEsweeper'.
Scenarios/Incoming/Executable Detected: 'ItemLength.GE.0'.

virus in your message to budsaracome at q8.co.th
. and this message has not been delivered.

If you are not a Q8 Employee, I advise you to contact your local IT Support staff to virus check your system.

If you are a Q8 Employee, please contact urgently the KPGB IT Helpdesk in order to have your system virus cheked.

Kind regards,

Q8 GB Infrastructure Team.

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